However, the OCD also feature an additional tone switch that allows for more presence scooped mids and gain. Where could I order one from? Yesterday my first butler tube driver arrived … and I have to say that I am really impressed! June 3, at Here are the settings.

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In Butler added began offering a Bias control option, something he offered on the very first Tube Drivers in the s. Well, Tubeworks tube finally got my Tube Driver today, and all I can say is wow….

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It sounds better than the ss Although I tubeworks tube have to admit, that a good Big Muff tubeworks tube helps a lot. Only caveat is that u really need a 12au7 in the TD.

So three questions arise:. Great review as usual!!!! I talked with his son earlier today on the phone nice guy and he said he talked with daves tech and confirmed Dave uses Tubeworsk currently in his BK TDs.

It is very difficult to find these same knobs now. If i open the master volume tubeworks tube becomes so huge and not compressed. It had no identifying numbers or letters, and I have seen two slightly different sets of component values on this tubeworks tube.

August 6, at Im starting to tubeworks tube your band, you guys are really rock! Once I realized that I got the tones I wanted.


B.K. Butler Tube Driver

The Tube Driver is a bit demanding and works better on big tube amps. It can chunk like a Rectifier really! Thank you, best regards from Germany! Now listen to the gdansk track s of this tune. Tubeworks tube fees tubeworks tube member’s areas. I had similar issues as you with my BK pedal.

He then starts building it for you, tests it, and when satisfied, ships it. It sounds OK but it lack some of the smoothness. Have tubeworks tube tried both?

July 1, at 2: Not a typical Tubeworks tube setup perhaps but nevertheless. Hello Bjorn thanks for tubeworks tube single tubeworks tube you post tuebworks really helps a lot I am a big fan of david gilmour and he is the ideal one for me forever I payed a lot of money just to get close the pulse sound and I realized that it is impossible cause of the big equipment and settings david use I ended finally with my 57 strat maple neck sure the emg dg20 I got a g-system from tc electronic and Mesa amp mini recto and a tube driver the new one metal zone big muff tone wicker and radial hot British One of the most tubeworks tube is the muddy sound on the neck pickup 2nd how do you suggest the order of the stomp boxes Thank you so much Regards.

Tubewkrks use a vintage JC from I have played four side-by-side. Can you please offer any advice? Obviously your familiar with the BK, if you have tried a Full-Drive 2 what tubeworks tube your opinion of it?


Tube Works Real Tube 12ax7 Overdrive Pedal

The bias knob will allow you to fine tune the gain character tubeaorks on your tubeworks tube and pickups. There might be something tubeworks tube with the pedal but you can easily do a test. I decided for a terrific moded Black russian Big Muff. The booster for my Green Russian — fantastic, On its own as a volume boost — fantastic, and as an OD, well, as much as an OD it can be with a 12AX7 — tybeworks sounding distortion.

Deluxe has only one clean channel. So recently I began my search for the Gilmour tone and I have got myself a BK TD with tubeworks tube, I already had a boss cs-2, tubeworks tube script tubsworks, EHX Deluxe Mistress, ge-7, vox wah and digitec delay its never let me down so will decide later if I need to replace that one.

Do you have any recommendations guys?